Tips for backpacking

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Tips for backpacking

Backpacking is the new norm of travelling in India – our essential tips to successful backpacking

Gone are the days of “splurging during travelling” or “once in a year trip” or detailed planning itineraries”. Welcome to the time of backpacking. Today it’s more about visiting as many places, gathering as many experiences in a year and be totally spontaneous about the whole “travel thing”. It’s [...]

Eat-Pray-Love in India with Spirit Bohemian

Is exploring the unexplored just your thing? Does your bucket list come with a travel column? Do you constantly look forward to long weekends for quick getaway? Are you a firm believer of ‘Bharat is Mahan’, when it comes to striking destinations? If all your answers to the above questions are [...]

15 Travel Tips to India

15 Travel Tips to India India is the primary polestar to conglomerate cultures, religions, history, flora, fauna, spirituality, spices & food. It is the diversity in culture, the scenic natural destinations, a plethora of handicrafts and cuisines that makes it a preferred destination for international travelers who are keen [...]