Rio Carnival

5 Fascinating Festivals In The World

Rio Carnival

5 Fascinating Festivals In The World

Rio Carnival

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the most celebrated festival of the world with a shocking average of two million folks on the streets every day. It is eminent every year, starting four days prior to Lent. The entire pageant revolves around dance, melody, drinks and amusement which are celebrated throughout the day and early hours of the morning. The most celebrated dance is carnival samba having a Brazilian base. The samba originated from the blend of street melody and African slave jingles, whose tempting beats and rhythms have turned it into the chief dance of the fiesta.

The festival is the main lure amongst tourists. Despite the carnival being celebrated in many parts of Brazil, Rio is known as the ‘carnival capital’ of the world for its extraordinary gala. The festival is marked by its masks and rich regalia which were introduced by the higher classes who paraded them up and down the city streets in their open carriages. There are several costume gala balls held at the main hotels of the town. The samba schools’ parade is the high point of carnival in Rio and takes place in the Sambadrome’s prof.

Going to Rio carnival definitely must be among the topmost ‘to-do’s before you die’, after all, who would like to miss on such an extravaganza!

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Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest which is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It is held for a 16-day period beginning late September and ending around the first week of October. Above 6 million people attend the festival every year for the gala. It is merely named the Wiesn. The Oktoberfest marks the prominence of Bavarian ethos having being feted since 1810. The most famous term associated with the fest Oktoberfestbiers is the famous Munich beers served at the event since 1818. The festival is held in a place termed the Theresienwiese, also known as d’ Wiesn in short.

Companions also eat huge quantities of food, most of it traditional hearty fare such as Hendl (chicken), Schweinsbraten (roast pork), Haxn (knuckle of pork), Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick), Würstel (sausages) along with Brezel (Pretzel)) and many more delicacies.

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Sydney New Year’s Eve

Still, waiting for the best New Year’s Eve? Are you bored of spending your new year in the same old way every single time? So, this is the place for you! YES! The city of colours brings to you the best New Year’s Eve you’ve ever witnessed! This event is held every year over the Sydney Harbour, centring on the Sydney harbour bridge in Australia. It is known for its fireworks, the family fireworks at 9 pm and the midnight fireworks, harmonized to striking soundtracks. A new theme is taken on every year, viewed by more than one million people on the harbour and a billion people around the world on television.

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Verona in Love Festival

The city which sets upon Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ gets to you a festival exclusively devoted to love! ‘Verona in love’ is a festival celebrated every year on St. Valentine’s Day where the city is adorned with thousands of hearts, illuminations and red dappled décor. The city is crowded with thousands of love birds who go there to spend time together through the various activities, exhibitions and concerts. Even the restaurants offer special menus dedicated to lovers. The adornments guide the lovers through the historic hub. The lovely celebration finally ends with a mass kiss.

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La Tomatina

La Tomatina is a fiesta held on the last Wednesday of August every year wherein members throw tomatoes at each other and have tomato wars. The festival is coined as the ‘world’s biggest food fight’ where people come from all corners of the world. This is widely celebrated in the Valencian town of Buñol with a mere population of about 9000, a town located in the East of Spain. The festival is celebrated solely for entertainment and fun and gets flocked with official ticketing of 20,000 lucky people since 2013. The festival also has certain instructions to abide by while having the exciting tomato battles which all the participants must know.

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