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The historical city of Agra: An Introduction

India’s most-visited tourism city and home to many historical marvels, Agra, reminisces the grand history of the nation, especially during the Mughal regime. It is the maximum-frequented tourist destination in India and holds a must-visit position in the to-do list of almost any traveler. Standing in testimony to the [...]

Pushkar, Rajasthan

41 Must Visits Backpacking Getaways near Delhi

Backpacking is the new way for new age travellers who utilise the long weekends and short weekends and any sort of holidays and turn them into a travel opportunity – to explore, to connect, to find and to un-find. And it’s always spontaneous involving the adrenaline rush to discover [...]


Discover 11 Royal Honeymoon Places in Rajasthan

We live in a time of “hashtag weddings” and “thematic sangeet” parties where the bride and the groom are filmed and pampered like celebrities, where guests are interviewed (a part of the wedding film) and special moments are showcased on Instagram – a dreamy affair after all. Now wouldn’t [...]

Youth Hostels

Youth Hostels in the cities representing Historic India

Youth Hostels – Affordable, Convenient and Friendly Youth hostels are modern affordable accommodations that offer a more convenient mode of stay. Contemporary and upbeat, they offer all amenities minus luxury. Youth hostels give options like shared dorms — as per the specifications and budgets. Most youth hostels come with a [...]

Top 10 Longest Rivers in India.

Which are the top 10 longest river in India

Which is the longest river in India? To answer this question, we need to consider one factor –the distance of the river covered within the Indian territory. If you consider this element as the sole deciding factor, then the Ganges is the longest river within the country. But again, [...]


Places to Visit in Mysore | Welcome to Mysore

What do we all really want from our holiday trip? Relaxation, fun, cherished memories, enjoyment, good food and good time exploring the nooks and corners of a new place. Nothing more, nothing less! In this post, we will share with you about Mysore – experience from our blogger Avitanshi [...]

Historical monuments in Delhi

Delhi is not only the capital of Indian subcontinent but is also filled with various historical monuments spread all across the city. This is because it has been center for several political and economic activities right from Mughals to the British rule era. As many kinds have considered and [...]