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Festivals of kerala

Festivals of Kerala

Kerala, also known famously as ‘God’s own country” is surrounded by serene and beautiful beaches, coastal lines, lush green hills and the Western Ghats along with glorious plantations across the state. All the districts in the state are well known in the tourism sector, given the peaceful environment the [...]

Trout fishing in Kerala

Fishing has been favorite pastime amongst many communities all across the globe. Given the advantage of our country with long coastal lines, rivers and streams, ponds and lake, India has always had been a good destination for fishing all across. Several places in the country are amongst the best [...]

Kerala Floods

Kerala Floods

The Kerala floods of 2018 had been one of the most devastating floods in the history of the state as well as the entire country. It was after a hundred years that the state had witnessed such calamity at that heavy level. Several arguments have come up against the [...]

Chhotaram Prajapat Homestay, Rajasthan

Homestays: The increasingly popular choice to explore incredible India

The genesis of homestays started originally in God’s Own Country, Kerala, but since then this accommodation type has become an increasingly preferred choice among travelers. Affordable and offering hospitable hosts, you can find so many homes — ranging from quaint countryside houses to city apartments and plantation villas. But [...]

Best Rated 5 Star Hotels To Experience India

Each one of us has a dream of spending a couple of nights in some of the finest luxury hotels in India. Now, what can be a better option than making your reservations in a striking 5-star hotel? It is also a perfect way to spend a couple of [...]

Youth Hostels

Youth Hostels in the cities representing Historic India

Youth Hostels – Affordable, Convenient and Friendly Youth hostels are modern affordable accommodations that offer a more convenient mode of stay. Contemporary and upbeat, they offer all amenities minus luxury. Youth hostels give options like shared dorms — as per the specifications and budgets. Most youth hostels come with common [...]

budget 2019 india

Why does Budget 2019 India talk about Tourism as a Focus Area?

As per the budget 2019 India, the travel and tourism industry would see a reduction in taxes, improved infrastructure and enhanced, smoother, and more efficient connectivity. These steps have been taken to boost both international and national tourist traffic. India, owing to its rich history, mythology, diverse geographical terrain, culinary [...]