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You know where in India resides the ‘Mini Switzerland’? Located at an altitude of 2700 m, in the state of Uttarakhand Chopta is more than often referred to as our very own mini Switzerland! As alluring as it sounds, Chopta lies in the midst of dense forests and offers [...]

Why should one visit Uttarakhand ?

Culture Uttarakhand, popularly known as ‘Dev Bhoomi’, meaning the land of Gods, echoes how rich the culture of this land is. The vibrant culture surrounded by folk dance, music, cuisine, architectural marvels( temples and monuments), traditions and arts and crafts forms one of the most dynamic states of the country. [...]

Chhotaram Prajapat Homestay, Rajasthan

Homestays: The increasingly popular choice to explore incredible India

The genesis of homestays started originally in God’s Own Country, Kerala, but since then this accommodation type has become an increasingly preferred choice among travelers. Affordable and offering hospitable hosts, you can find so many homes — ranging from quaint countryside houses to city apartments and plantation villas. But [...]

Best Rated 5 Star Hotels To Experience India

Each one of us has a dream of spending a couple of nights in some of the finest luxury hotels in India. Now, what can be a better option than making your reservations in a striking 5-star hotel? It is also a perfect way to spend a couple of [...]

Youth Hostels

Youth Hostels in the cities representing Historic India

Youth Hostels – Affordable, Convenient and Friendly Youth hostels are modern affordable accommodations that offer a more convenient mode of stay. Contemporary and upbeat, they offer all amenities minus luxury. Youth hostels give options like shared dorms — as per the specifications and budgets. Most youth hostels come with common [...]

Top 10 Longest Rivers in India.

Which are the top 10 longest river in India

Which is the longest river in India? To answer this question, we need to consider one factor –the distance of the river covered within the Indian territory. If you consider this element as the sole deciding factor, then the Ganges is the longest river within the country. But again, [...]


Which are the 10 highest peaks in India?

Whoever has heard about India, whether he or she is a resident of the country or lives abroad, knows the subcontinent for its diversity — not only culturally and lingual but also in terms of natural terrain, including valleys, mountains, rivers, flora, and fauna. Our country is also home [...]

The 10 Largest Dams in India | Largest dams in india

Dams are the perfect examples of architectural and civil engineering marvels. Tough, strong, and extremely durable, they comprise colossal concrete walls and unpenetrable structures. Generating huge amounts of hydroelectricity, dams are inevitable for irrigation, industrial usage, and domestic purposes. In India, there’s a huge potential for construction of massive dams, [...]

Trout fishing in Kerala

Fishing has been favorite pastime amongst many communities all across the globe. Given the advantage of our country with long coastal lines, rivers and streams, ponds and lake, India has always had been a good destination for fishing all across. Several places in the country are amongst the best [...]